The Break Alliance project introduces a point system that fairly evaluates each bboys/bgirls across the series of battles.

The points from each event will be counted and the final winner will be announced on the last battle of this serie.

Point system:

By participating in the battle every dancer gets one point.

In progress from demos each dancer receives 3 points.

Subsequently, the dancer receives a point for each judge who vote in battle for him. It means that even a dancer lose in battle he can batt out with one point, assuming that he lose battle by 2:1. In the tie situation will be counted the final decision.

The winner of the event will receive 5 more points.

Maximum number of points from one event can be up to 21 points, assuming all the battles a dancer wins 3:0.

+ 1 point for registration and participation in the demo battle
+ 3 points for progress from the demo battle
+ 3 points for progress from top 16
+ 3 points for progress from top 8
+ 3 points for win in semi-finals
+ 3 points for the win in the final battle
+ 5 points for winning the event